Jul 26, 2013

When are we leaving?

N 60° 9.253', E 24° 53.464'

This is the question we here every day. The answer is the same every time. We leave when we are ready. Then the bigger question is, when will we be ready to leave? Hopefully next week. In May we thought we'd already be gone by now, but since then we have had a quite a lot of stuff to do. We cleared our apartment and moved on board while doing antifouling on the hard (don't really recommend doing those things simultaneously). Then we started to order stuff and install them. And when there are two perfectionists doing things you can imagine it takes time. Well, when it's about electricity and other cables, it's also about our safety, so we really want to have things working for a long time.

We have already installed a new windlass and a wind generator. We've also made quite many changes to our electrical systems. We've installed a new starter battery (in addition to our previous capacity), some CTEK devices (DC/DC charger and smartpass) and about 100 meters of wire (now I might be exaggerating a little bit, but not much).

Timo installing our new AirBreeze

We are hoping to get our new solar panels installed tomorrow. Then we still have left to install an AIS transceiver, SSB radio, and maybe another 100 meters more wire :)

Oh, and I forgot all about our mast. It was also down for a couple of weeks and we did some maintenance on that too, and also renewed all the wires and lights.

After all this we just have to find a place on board for about a ton of our stuff that is now in a temporary storage and then we are off.

We have now worked about 8-10 hours a day for the last two months so we are really looking forward for the time when we can just sit back and relax....  and to go sailing...

This might not be the roomiest place I have worked in...