Oct 28, 2014

It's anchoring time

N 28° 7.870', W 15° 25.498'

So much time has passed again after the last blog entry. All the ugly work is now done. Inside bottom is painted and also most of the interior has been sanded and varnished. We moved back on board last week. All our storage places are not yet rebuilt, but somehow we could fit all our stuff back in. Well, the longest and strongest mooring lines are still on the deck.

Las Palmas is the start place for the ARC. There are more than 200 boats in the rally and most of them are big. All those must fit in the marina, so the rest of us have to go. We didn't go far, just to the nearest anchorage.

It's quite a change after being in the same calm harbor since the beginning of this year.

This anchorage is a bit rolly, so we won't be doing much work here. Now it's just time to enjoy life and relax.

There is still some work left when we return to the marina after the ARC leaves. We didn't have time to finish all, but the boat is livable. All the important stuff is done. Our toilet is working, our stove is working and our own bunk is perfect to sleep in. We don't have our water tanks installed yet, but that's no problem. The nearest place to fill our water cans is just 5 minutes dinghy ride away.

It's going to be interesting 4 weeks to see all the ARC boats.

This one is for sure the most interesting one, Leopard by Finland. They are going to break the ARC record, hopefully!