Dec 16, 2014

Our home is starting to look like home again

N 28° 7.632', W 15° 25.510'

We have been back in the marina for an other four weeks already. We are in the same pontoon where we were before. We think it's the best one in this marina. The whole pontoon is very small, hidden behind the gas station. On the other side we have the marina office and on the other side a couple of Guardia Civil vessels. Here is a big problem with bicycle thefts, but ours have been ok since January, parked right next to the office (knock on wood that our good luck continues). Toilets and showers are also very near and they are the best ones here, not too many users, so we mostly get a hot shower. They are also the kind that you can control the temperature, not just one push button. We are quite far from everything, but walking is good exercise, so we don't mind a bit.

After our vacation in the anchorage we have been kind of slow to start the boat work. But you know, schedules make all the difference. New Years Eve is getting closer and two days ago half of the boat was still under construction. 

We thought, it's best to start solving the puzzle with the biggest part. After that Timo put all the parts together very easily. It was much easier than what I had expected. There were only a few small details that he had to build from the scratch. Mostly all the screws just went into the old holes. 

Next was my turn. I put all the plywood where it belongs. Once more we have too bunks in the aft cabin. It was time for my test rest.

Until today our home has been full of things that we have been moving around all the time. Now I have put lots of stuff under the new built bunks. Tonight is the first time in more than six months that my home actually looks like home again!