Dec 15, 2015

Mindelo, Cabo Verde

N 16° 53.241', W 24° 59.443'

Sailing from the Canaries to Cabo Verde was quite uneventful. We had very light winds all the way, during the last two days we even had to motor some hours.

I tried to catch some fish, but all I got was some seaweed, there was a lot of it.

I know we can't trust the charts, but I was still expecting to see some light when we were approching Mindelo in total darkness. You can see the lighthouse on top of this island, but there definately was no light flashing from it.

We have enjoyed Mindelo. This place has some very good restaurants. To be honest, we haven't found anything else than good restaurant. The prices are also much lower than in the Canaries.

It's no wonder that all the fish in the restaurats is very fresh since during the day there is fresh fish for sale around every corner.

Tomorrow we are going to buy fresh fruit from this market for our next leg.

We are planning on leaving tomorrow and we are heading for Barbados. If the winds don't agree with this, we'll just change our plans and pick an other island.

It's about 2000 nautical miles from here to Barbados. We expect to spend at least two weeks on the way, it could also take three weeks.

You can follow us on our website. The map and our last position should be updated via Spot.

When we finally arrive in the Caribbean it's going to be year 2016 already. So we wish you all very happy holidays!

Dec 1, 2015

Atlantic Ocean, here we come!

N 28° 0.442', W 16° 39.628'

Today is the day we have been waiting for a long time.

We are now heading to Cape Verde. If for some reason the winds are not favorable, we might change our plans and head straingt to the Caribbean.

Today Tenerife doesn't look so nice. I hope we find the sun soon.