Apr 5, 2013

Our dream is coming true

N 60° 9.253', E 24° 53.464'

While we have been trying to sell our boat all the sailing friends have been asking the same questions. What next? A new racer or what? We have been kind of mysterious and mumbled something about a bit bigger cruiser and about the need to sail further than the Baltic sea.

Now it's about the time to come clean and tell everyone what our plan has been all along. To buy my parent?s boat.

Last month on my birthday's eve my dad called us and made a dream come true offer. If we have not sold our boat when the sailing season starts, he'll take it in exchange and continue to sell it.

Our new boat to be is nothing new and fancy, but good and well tested. My parents have already circumnavigated her twice. So here comes the next generation on board "S/Y Iiris".

We are still doing our best to sell our current boat "Valpuri", but now we can actually start making plans and prepare us for our new life.