Mar 20, 2015

We are sailing again!

N 27° 48.999', W 15° 45.949'

When we first arrived in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we thought we'll stay for a month or so... We had had some boat work in mind since back in Finland. The plan was to change our hatches on deck and some other minor things (what seemed like big jobs back then). 

Our planned one month stay became one year and two months. When we left Finland behind, we thought that was it for any stress in life. We were so wrong. Our life in Las Palmas was an stress after an other. Sometimes it was the work load, sometimes the schedules and well, sometimes there was just too much hard work to do.

Here I am, happy to be sailing again. I had the longest break in my whole life from sailing while in Las Palmas. 

Our first sail to Tenerife was quite a struggle, we had no boat speed what so ever.

In Las Galletas I took my wetsuit and snorkel and took a look at our bottom.

OMG, I knew it was dirty, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. I tried to clean some of it with a strong spatula, but it didn't help much. I only had energy and skills to clean very small area near the water line.

Now we are back to Gran Canaria and the sail back was not horrible but nearly that. I have never yet had a sail that I would say I'd have rather stayed on dry land. This leg was nearing the feeling.

We had planned to sail on to La Gomera. El Hierro and La palma from Tenerife, but we changed our plans to meet up with some friends of ours next week in Las Palmas. And then before sailing again we have to find someone to clean our bottom. We love to sail, but this floating home of ours is not a sail boat at the moment. It's not only the missing boat speed, we could almost live with that, but it's the way a sail boat works. It just doesn't work when the hull is in this shape.

Anyway, we are now happily in Puerto de Mogan and we are very glad that we are at least able to move again. Our life is once more becoming the dream we want to live in the real life!