Aug 16, 2014

Things I thought I would never do!

N 28° 7.643', W 15° 25.510'

I think I've always been kind of scared of all the tools that make a bad noise. But I know that I have always been TERRIFIED with the tools that make a lot of sparks.

And then here I am. Behind our diesel tank and under our sofa. The reason why I'm there instead of my husband is that he's a bit taller than I am. I could barely get down there.

There was a steel bar that was on the way to clean the bottom and the t-bars from the rust. This steel bar was also useless. It was just sitting there, nothing on top of it, taking storage space from the things we put there. So we decided it has to go.  So, for the first time in my life I took the angle grinder into my hands and turned it on...

This is the first part that came out.

And this it the second part.

We don't have a picture of the third part, because now I was already a pro and there was no need for pictures anymore.

After the previous blog we have been working like crazy. We have also been moving a lot.

We lived in s/y Manta for two and half months and then Auli and Hanski were back. Next we moved to an other Finnish boat, s/y Villa Mare. We thought we'd stay there until the end of September. But then all of a sudden there was yet an other Finnish boat and right in the same pontoon than our Iiris. This was too good to be true. We had met the skipper's partner a few times back in Finland. And now here we are, living in s/y Defyr. There was nothing wrong with the last place, but this is a very big marina. The distance between Villa Mare and Iiris is about 2 kilometers. We do need the exercise and we do go for walks every day. But this is just so much more convenient. Walking back and forth took a long time and now we don't even have to wear our flip-flops...

We have made a lot of progress since the last blog, but there is still a lot to do.

Now all the rust we can see is gone. We have already painted a lot of areas.

Here I'm painting this impossible place...

We believe that next week we'll be starting to paint all the rest. There is a very big area left so it's going to take four days to paint, one layer a day.

Then we start rebuilding. That is also going to be a huge work.

And by the way. I figured out an other way to remove urethane foam. It was a bit more physical work, but not as nasty as Timo's method.