Nov 22, 2013

Cascais - Porto Santo

N 33° 3.721', W 16° 18.942'

When we left Cascais the weather forecast was 20 knots from north. We knew that it's just the average, but we were quite surprised when it was blowing 40 knots or more. We do not have a wind indicator so we can not be exact. But we do know that when we are going full speed with just about 2 square meters of genoa, it's really blowing...

After the first night, it was nice sailing for a couple of days, until the wind died completely. We knew that a low pressure was lurking around the corner, so we motored the last 24 hours before the expected headwind.

Empty, but beautiful beach of Porto Santo.

Marina from the nearest viewpoint. It was a good exercise to walk to the hill after 4 days of sailing. It was an easy walk on a road, not any real hiking.

Tomorrow we plan to sail to Madeira.