Nov 16, 2013

Getting there, but not far away yet

N 38° 41.439', W 9° 25.164'

I don't want to badmouth Galicia, it was great, but... It was raining a lot.

We sailed for 2 days from Bayona to Cascais (right outside of Lisbon). We have now been here for about a week and there hasn't been a drop of rain. Here are also a couple of other boats that have come the same way. We were just wondering with the others the other day how wonderful it is to have a nice blue sky.

The temperature is not very high. The water is about 15°C and that's about the same for night temperature. But during the day, if it's not too windy you can manage in t-shirt. But the most important fact is that there's no rain :)

But anyway, we have not found eternal summer yet, so we have to go on. Our goal is to get to the Canary Island for the winter.

Marina de Cascais.